Black & White….and RED ALL OVER!

Hello Luvs,

I warn you ahead of time that this will be a long one. I need to get some things out regarding what I’ve observed while traveling around the U.S. and by what is happening in the government to regarding healthcare.

The beast that looms over us!

We have been holding off relocating to another country because of my health. I’ve been having a tough go of it and being able to have access to needed medication to control certain aspects of it is essential. What just happened in the House (the repeal of the ACA) not only affects our family but many people I know. Contrary to what many believe, the ACA helped healthcare become affordable to people who make a living in the Arts, work full-time at a low paying job, were forced to return to work because of large medical bills, had a preexisting health issue and were continuously being turned down, and could I go on. One question has funneled itself into my brain, “Will these same lawmakers be willing to give up their government healthcare when they work less hours than most Americans in their ‘Merica?” The deep heartache I feel for others who have it even worse than me but have to stay in place (versus us being able to go where we can find some relief) has become at times debilitating.

Add to all of this the fact that the money they are taking away from the ACA will go to the military and toward building a RIDICULOUS wall to keep out the very people who were in all actuality part of this land until others decided to divide it up. The U.S. and other powers were the ones to take away their land, just as they took away lands from Native-Americans. I feel so embarrassed of where 40% of this country stands.

Looking ahead for a way of change.

Ok……then there has been our interactions with people as we’ve fluttered along in Eartha. Admittedly I’ve had blinders on when it came to race relations. I knew some places were held back by primitive beliefs, but not SO MANY! From our experience (over the last 9 months) we’ve witnessed the true reality that this country has not come anywhere close to erasing the hatred and fear that many have toward people of color. I’ve seen other ethnic groups blatantly discriminate against other minorities. Speaking for myself, I’ve had at least half a dozen women clasp their purse, move it closer to them, or hug it tighter when they notice me coming their way. They look up and immediately grab their bag from their cart or sitting next to them. It is so blatant to me that I  have no choice but to take notice. When discussing it with Josh it was obvious that it is second nature. Meaning….they do it automatically when they notice a COLORED/NEGRO/BLACK/AFRICAN-AMERICAN Woman in their vicinity. Typing that brings a tightness to my chest that leaves behind a haunting fear for the future of my bi-racial children. Not only Myles (who will definitely face it more than Jalen), but for her too. Just like in the fifties, Women are not immune to brutality suffered by those who fear and refuse to understand what is not familiar, different,or deemed threatening.

This country has been touted as the greatest on Earth. We got the golden ticket by being born here…. right? Yes, there are countries that are worse than here, but there are also ones that are doing things better. Because money is the driving factor that oils this machine there will never be significant change.

Let’s consider the ways in which today’s decision will bring about negative consequences.

Medication will no longer be affordable (not that that wasn’t an issue before-but even more so).

-Preventative visits will not be done and in the end cause many avoidable conditions to skyrocket (being too late to address) hence making the cost needed for treatment to rise even more.

-A college education will either leave the graduate in heavy debt when they receive their degree, or many will not be able to afford to attend in the first place.

-Children (and of course others) born with certain conditions can be denied treatment (or have the cost so exorbitant that they cannot pay for it) because it is considered preexisting….even victims of rape!
-Those who do not make enough or their job does not offer a healthcare option will not have access to the treatment they need.

-Poor families will have to choose between rent, food, light bill, etc. and the much needed healthcare their family needs.

These are things that just popped into my head….and they are way too many!

Let me tell you what won’t change.

-Those elected officials will still receive their government provided healthcare.

-Wealthy individuals will vacation, get unneeded procedures, and call the police on the suspicious person walking through their neighborhood (who actually owns a home there!).

-Those who have been harboring hatred in their hearts toward people of color will continue to become more brazen and open in their actions. As a family we are starting to see it more and more everyday.

I would love to know your thoughts. Does what is happening make you sad, mad, encouraged, deflated, all of these, and/or none of these?

I can tell you one thing. Our family of six WILL change our focus. We see and hear what lawmakers are saying. We know that the middle (us) and lower class citizens are bearing the brunt of their actions while the rich benefit. Empathy for our fellow humans does not reside in their hearts. Only if it affects them directly will they change their stance. History has proven that.

History is prepared to repeat itself via an ego driven madman (hello…on Twitter in the middle of the night) residing in the white house with two disasters (yes you…pence and ryan) riding beside him. A blatant racist on one side and an elitist without a conscious or moral bone in his body who is driven to beat down the lower class on the other. 

The rest of the world is beginning to loathe Americans because they believe that he represents our beliefs. No, there are many who do not. Because of the electoral college and the DNC branding clinton the heir apparent/next in line we have what we have. If these two things were not in place we would have been rewarded with Bernie Sanders as our President.

Maybe in an alternate universe he is. How I wish that was true…even if I do not exist in it. But I don’t and he isn’t…..and that my Luvs brings my slow burn to a boil. What does it do to you?

Till next time,



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